Well, the first half of the season is over and the 16 teams have now become two divisions of 8.  All teams will retain their match points from the first half but their leg points drop back to zero.  The Hub finished in top spot with a mighty 29 points out of a possible 30 but they have some close contenders and have to play all the top 7 teams to see if they can maintain that lead.  Meanwhile in Division B, Evo’s or the Tavern Oldies are looking favourite to win the shield this year but don’t rule out all the ladies’ teams putting up a fight!

Division A

Hub Hyenas 29

El Capitan 26

Massey’s 26

Junction Jackals 26

Porter House 21

Porter House Bees 19

Las Rosas 18

Ale House 16

Division B

Evolution 14

Tavern Oldies 11

Junction Jaguars 9

Hen’s Teeth Coqs 7

Sporting Life Misfits 6

Pint Depot Queens 5

Hub Hellraisers  4

Hen’s Teeth Chicks 3          

Team KO 2nd Round: Results

PB’s, Los Dolces – Junction Jackals 7-3 Tavern Oldies

Las Rosas, San Miguel – Hen’s Teeth Coqs 7-3 Sporting Life Misfits

The Junction, El Galan – Massey’s 7-4 Evolution 4

The Ale House, Plaza – Capitan 7-5 Hub Hyenas 5

Auxillary Cup results:

Massey’s – Hen’s Teeth Chicks 0-7 (12) Las Rosas

Porter House – Hub Hellraisers 0-7 (12) Ale House 7

The Tavern – Porter House 7-1 Junction Jaguars

 Pint Depot – Porter House 7-1 Junction Jaguars

All the teams played away last night at neutral venues.  There was some controversy about how the draw should be done but the rules stipulate that the captains choose their players in the order they wish to play them and then turn over the cards to see who is playing who.

At the Pint Depot, the Porters made light work of seeing off the Jaguars scoring several 140’s along the way.  Only the hardy trio of Tracey Simpson (D10), Sharon Marshall and Simone de Lacy could do anything against the onslaught but to be fair nearly all the ladies got down to the finish against the lime green lovelies from the Rioja Centre.

The Jackals dealt with the Tavern and star man Rutter checked out on 133 in the first game.  The Tavern put up some good resistance lead by Graham Solomon and the match was quite close in the early stages. 

There was trouble brewing at the Ale House with a clash of the titans that was the Hub Hyenas versus El Capitan.  A misunderstanding of the rules saw tempers fray and marred what should have been a Great match.  The rules state how the draw should be done:-

  1. H) At the beginning of each category [trebles, doubles, singles], the home team captain shall select their players and determine their playing order using the registration cards, placing them face down. The away captain shall repeat the process.

The Hellraisers had a hell of a time playing the Ale House lads, so much so that they decided to play The whole 12 games even after they lost 7-0!  The girls nearly always got down to the finish but just couldn’t nail it and Karl and his lads romped away with all the points. The Cheeky Hen’s Chicks also forgot about the first to 7 rule and took a 12-0 drubbing from Las Rosas!  Their counter parts the Hen’s Coqs were more fortunate though and saw of the Misfits 7-3.

The fixtures for the second half of the season have been completed and emailed to the captains, along with the dates for the next round of the Team KO’s and other competitions.  The committee will notify the captains of when and where the draw for the next round of the KO will take place so it can be witnessed by all, Again the matches will take place at neutral venues.