The weather was kinder this week and both Tuesday and Thursday games were well attended, with 74 and 59 members and guests teeing off.  Although there was no standing water, there were soft spots which could easily be damaged by buggies.

Buggies were required to stay on the paths for a time to protect the fairways as the course has had so much rain over the previous week.

TUESDAY TOFFS results were  Cat 1 1st John Barraclough 40 pts 2nd Arthur Crammon 37  3rd Malcolm Foskett 34, Cat 2 1st Harry Armstrong 37 2nd John Kirkwood 34 3rd Steve Sayers 32, Cat 3 Gordon Bourne 2nd Phyllis Venables 30 3rd Ray Porter 29 Cat 4 Bev Evans 36 2nd Chris Stanley 32   3rd Marian Quinn.

Nearest the pins were 5th John Barraclough 11th Ray Porter 12th (2nd shot) Terry Sayers 15th Clive Peck 17th Stan Low.  Best front 9 Dave Nicholls best back 9 Clive Peck the Best Guest Prize went to S. Smith and the Football Draw was won by Pino Perito Ray Porter Robin Richards Ken Brett and Colin Day-Gretton.

MONTHLY STABLEFORD results  the overall competition winner and winner of Div 1 was Pino Perito with 37 pts, 2nd George MacCallum 34 John Barraclough 33 Div 2 Fred Reeve 37 John Kirkwood 35 Stan Low 32 (CB) Div 3 Bev Fairhurst 36 Phyllis Venebles 30 Ken Brett 30 Div 4 June Caithness 37 Franco Gentilli 33 Eamon Devine.

Nearest the pins were 5th John Barraclough 11th Fred Reeve 12th in 2 Pino Perito 15th & 17th Colin Daye-Gretton. Best front 9 Lauraine Walker 20 Best Back 9 Marylin Eckersall Football Draw winners were David Valentine Clive Peck Marian Quinn John Barraclough and John Holland.

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