Both Eurogolf days were a washout this week although as it wasn´t raining when we set off on Tuesday a few hardcore golfers did finish the course. But on Thursday most decided they didn’t want to take the risk of being caught in a downpour again plus those with buggies were told to only drive on the paths  so the game was cancelled. Pictured are the only 3 players who completed the course George McCallum, Steve Sayers, Arty Crammon with Mary Sanderson Toffs organizer who popped into the Clubhouse to see the Captain.


On Tuesday 29th November Toffs  played in  torrential rain which meant half the field abandoned the game and went into the Clubhouse for a warm and to dry off. The results were mainly low due to the adverse conditions but there were a couple of good scores Cat 1 1st Arty Crammon 35  2nd Sue Forbes 27 3rd Pete Gartside 27 Cat 2 Bert Lawson 29 2nd Angelique Berndt 28 3rd David Blanchette 27 Cat 3 1st Bob Shorley 35 2nd Ray Porter 27 3rd David Valentine 22 Cat 4 1st Eamonn Divine 26 2nd Kevin Bonser 26 3rd Phyllis Venables 26 NTPs 5th  Sue Forbes 11th  Kevin Bonser 2nd shot 12th Bev Fairhurst 15th Fred Reeve  17th Steve Sayers Overall Toffs winner Arty Crammon  Football draw Bert Lawson Kevin Bonser Ed Silvester John Barraclough and Dave Nichols.

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