The Local Police have arrested a man for an alleged crime against sexual freedom. The incident took place last Sunday in a salón de juegos in Orihuela Costa. Agents were on patrol duties in Campoamor when they received the notification from the 112 emergency service that an alleged sexual assault had occurred in the games bar.

On the arrival of the police, the manager of the premises stated that a client had suffered an alleged sexual assault by another client. The victim said that she was having drinks with a man who grabbed her waist, squeezing her tightly against him and touching her intimate areas with his hand.

The victim tried to break free from his grip  while telling the man to stop. As soon as she was able to separate, the girl notified a bar worker and the man left the scene. The man was later arrested for an alleged crime against sexual freedom and placed at the disposal of the Civil Guard.

In such situations the telephone number 016 assists victims of gender violence, their families and those around them 24 hours a day, every day of the year, in 53 different languages. You can also contact them by email at and by WhatsApp at 600 000 016. Children can contact the ANAR Foundation by calling 900 20 20 10. If it is an emergency situation, call 112.