At a meeting on Wednesday the Orihuela ruling parties, made up of PP and Vox, has rejected the opposition’s amendments to the budget proposal for the 2024 year, which it plans to approve at a Plenary meeting to be held in the town hall on Monday 15 April.

The municipality has been operating with outdated accounts since 2018 so Monday’s meeting will approve a new budget for the first time in six years.

The PSOE had presented 26 amendments amounting to  more than one million euros for socially related matters and improvement to services although the socialist spokesperson, Carolina Gracia, had already announced that she expected them to be rejected due to the fact that they were proposed by the PSOE.

The government team also voted against the amendments presented by Ciudadanos to the budget which they referred to as “a hoax.” José Aix called it ” a great scam for the people of Oriola for the simple reason that it is unattainable.”

Although Cambiemos did not present amendments, councillor Enrique Montero called it ‘implausible,’ adding that they consider that “this budget project is not good for Orihuela, due to the debt which he said is reminiscent of  ” the darkest era of the governments of Medina and Lorente, the consequences of which are still being suffered today .”

The plenary session for provisional approval of the budget will be held on April 15. It will then be published in the Official Gazette of the Province (BOP) with final approval by the end of May, or beginning of June.