Suspension of the day in the Valencian Community

The Football Federation of the Valencian Community wishes, first of all, to show its sadness and dismay at the fire that occurred yesterday afternoon in the city of Valencia and to reiterate its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the fatalities resulting from it.

Secondly, the FFCV wants to publicly thank again the heroic work carried out by the emergency services, firefighters, police and other authorities to prevent the misfortune from being even greater than it is.

Consequently, to show solidarity and condolences with those affected by one of the most shocking tragedies that the city has suffered in its entire history, the FFCV suspends all matches that were to be played this weekend in the Valencian Community in all categories, territorial, both grassroots soccer and futsal and amateur soccer and futsal, as well as the national competitions delegated to the FFCV: Third Federation and National Youth Football League and Third Division of futsal.

In addition, the FFCV proposes that a minute of silence be observed in all the matches that will be played the following day in all the fields of the Valencian Community.

The FFCV is receiving many messages of condolence from the world of football over what happened.  All clubs are also encouraged to express their condolences publicly on their social networks and carry out any activity to support the victims.