This final instalment of my journey through cancer brings us right up to date, from where it all started 30 years ago.

Just when you think cancer has finished with you it can sneak up anytime and that’s why Early Detection is so important for us all, catch it early and your chances of survival improve drastically.

Once again, I have Early Detection to thank for identifying my latest cancer attack. I had been having breathing difficulties and a very annoying cough for a few weeks so went to see my GP because of my concerns, as both my mother and sister lost their fight to lung cancer after having similar symptoms. She sent me for an x-ray but wasn´t happy with it so then sent me for a CT scan, which showed a very small mass in my right lung.

The hospital consultant did a biopsy and decided I needed surgery to remove it, so once again I had a battle with cancer and after what I had already been through I wasn´t about to lose this one.

The surgery was carried at on January 17th 2024 almost 30 years to the date of my first battle with this heinous disease began.

They removed the tumour using microsurgery between the ribs, the recovery was very painful, but they doubled the dose of my morphine to help control it.

The recovery went quite well apart from the staples becoming infected, but that was cleared up with antibiotics, and once cleared the staples were all removed, that was a massive relief. All we had to do now was wait for the pathology report on the tumour they removed.

This is probably the worst part, the waiting, wondering if I was to have chemotherapy again or any radiotherapy.

I received a phone call from the hospital on Thursday 15th February telling me “You must come to the oncologist tomorrow”, that set the alarm bells ringing, the urgency of it!

The next day at the oncologist we had the most fantastic news, they had got it all and I didn´t need any further treatment other than a six monthly CT scan!!!! What a relief.

Carl and I were so worried that neither of us told the other that neither of us slept the previous night. We were so excited we just wanted to tell everybody and share our fabulous news.

We have some absolutely fabulous friends here in Spain who have supported us through this journey and want to thank you all.

Surely this is now the end to my cancer journey.