An outbreak of fire was reported last Wednesday in Playa Flamenca, close to the local shopping centre, which has sparked local concerns over potential arson.

The incident, which saw flames rapidly spreading through a barranco, has left the community concerned, with suspicions pointing towards a group of British teenagers seen in the vicinity shortly before the fire started.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, with authorities yet to determine whether it was a deliberate act of arson or an accidental outbreak, possibly from carelessly discarded cigarettes. A witness reported seeing the teenagers, approximately 15 years old, in the barranco, moments before the smoke was observed.

The fire department responded promptly, while police officials closed the road in both directions to manage the situation. The dry pine needles in the canyon fuelled the fire, creating a 10-metre-wide wall of flames. Thanks to the swift action of the fire services, a much more serious incident was averted.

The teenagers believed to be involved in the incident managed to leave the area unidentified, with one described as wearing a blue jacket and having short blonde hair. This marks the third such fire incident in the area in recent weeks, raising serious concerns about it being targeted arson.

Additionally, the surrounding nature reserve has been littered with rubbish, attributed to gatherings of local youth in the evenings as well as visitors to a nearby cannabis social club, although this was swiftly rejected by one local resident. The accumulation of refuse not only poses environmental concerns but also increases the risk of fire, further endangering the local ecosystem and the safety of the community.

Authorities are urging anyone with information about the incident or the individuals involved to come forward. The community is also called upon to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities, as efforts intensify to prevent future incidents and safeguard Playa Flamenca’s environmental and residential areas.