Following the resignation of Torrevieja´s VOX councillor, Victoria Navarro, next in line to the position was number 3 on their list, businessman José Serna would move up the list and take the position in the council.

Now, a matter of days later, Serna has presented to the municipal secretary of the Torrevieja plenary session his resignation to occupy the position of councillor, paving the way for fourth in the list to step up, Yolanda Cabezuelo, who just so happens to be the partner of the current spokesperson, Salvador Ruso.

José Serna, from Oriola by birth, resides in Torrevieja where he is known for his involvement in the world of construction. The businessman runs large businesses that require him to travel frequently to Brazil. This extreme could be behind his decision to renounce actively returning to local politics. Before, Serna was already active and led the local groups of UPyD, first, and Ciudadanos, later.

Yolanda Cabezuelo, the next on the Vox list after Navarro and Serna, was born in Seville although she has lived in Torrevieja for years. She collaborates with the local association Ars Creatio and writes articles in different media. With her incorporation into the municipal group, she will have the curious circumstance that husband and wife coincide sitting in the plenary session. It also happens that their daughter is also involved.

Cabezuelo, in addition, recently sounded like the first replacement that was considered to accompany the leader of Vox in Orihuela and current vice mayor of the city, Manuel Mestre, after he dispensed with his press advisor. This replacement was finally frustrated by the reluctance of the PP wing of the Oriolano Government to appoint a person who does not have a degree in Journalism for that position.