The PSOE of Torrevieja denounces that the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, lied in a plenary session when he assured that he had opened a disciplinary file against Acciona for the serious breaches of the company in charge of the failing, though extremely expensive waste disposal contract in the town. Several months later, the technicians confirmed to the socialist municipal group that to date neither the sanctioning file for the amount of €319,000 nor the file to reduce by €548,000 the amount that would correspond to Acciona’s billing in the month of July 2023, have taken place, both measures announced by the mayor in the extraordinary plenary session that was held on September 1 at the request of the socialist municipal group to supervise the contract. On October 11, the socialists requested “access or copy of all the files that are being processed or have been processed in this council against the company ACCIONA for non-compliance with the contract for solid waste collection, transport to landfill, street cleaning and cleaning and maintenance of the coast of the municipality of Torrevieja” but they did not receive a response until they warned that they would go to court to request protection for violation of the right of access to information that all councillors have, affecting the fundamental right of political participation collected in the Spanish Constitution. Thus, on December 18, 2023, the General Director of Urban Planning and Services literally answered that “after verifying the documentation on file at this City Council, there is currently no file initiated on the matters required in your application.” In the words of Bárbara Soler, spokesperson for the socialist municipal group, “that Eduardo Dolón lies full after full to all the citizens of Torrevieja is not a surprise and we have assumed that part of our role is to uncover his falsehoods, but to realise that what had been done in a matter as delicate as this was disconcerting even to us, so much so that at first we thought it was a mistake or that they did not want to give us access.” Likewise, Soler assures that to ensure the reality of the response they carried out their investigations in the areas of urban cleanliness and contracting, being informed that no file has actually been opened to impose sanctions or penalties on Acciona and that, at the moment, no contradictory file has been opened to deduct any amount from the invoices issued by the service recipient. The lack of open files against Acciona, according to Soler, reveals the neglect of functions of the Partido Popular government team, with the mayor, Eduardo Dolón, at its head, “we maintain what was said in the audit plenary session; We are witnessing an absolute inaction that means that the City Council is paying the winning company a flat rate of 25 million euro from all Torrevieja taxpayers with a free bar of non-compliance without any consequence for the company” and ruling that “the worst of the whole thing is that, to the trademark of Eduardo Dolón’s PP, which is to act badly and late, now the blatant lie is added. The post Torrevieja Mayor Accused of Lying Over Waste Disposal Contract Fine first appeared on This Is Torrevieja - Torrevieja news and events.