The Murcia Government, run by the PP, has had an appeal against the so-called wealth tax thrown out by the court, in line with a similar case brought against the tax on the highest earners of the country to improve the financial stability of the less fortunate.

Although the tax, which only affects 0.01% of the population, had already been taken to court by the PP in Madrid hoping to repeal the socialist led initiative which brought in an additional 1.8 billion euro, they had already lost.

The Constitutional Court (TC) has now rejected the appeal presented by the Government of Murcia, applying the doctrine that it established when dismissing the challenge formulated by the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso in Madrid, and which has already been extended to those of the governments of Galicia and Andalusia.

The magistrates then resolved that said tax does not violate the regional powers in tax matters nor is it confiscatory. “The real complaint of the Community of Madrid is that those of its residents with assets greater than 3 million euro (the only ones who are subject to the tax on large fortunes) will have to pay the new state tax, thus Madrid loses its attractiveness to attract said wealth to their territory,” they indicated.

The TC already advanced then that it would apply this same doctrine to other appeals against the tax on large fortunes. Both the Madrid and Andalusian Executives requested that the application of the tax be provisionally suspended, but the Constitutional Court denied it.

The courts consider all complaints to be invalid, and so the highest earners in the country are still expected to pay more, despite the appeals on their behalf by the politicians elected to serve the people.