Anyone who has indulged in amateur dramatics knows that one of the biggest challenges is getting everyone together in the same place at the same time!  Fortunately we hit the jackpot at our first rehearsal of Ali Baba and the Four and a Half Thieves with nearly all the actors present and looking forward to getting started.

The first job is an initial run-through so that actors get the sense, not only of their own parts, but of what is going on around them at any given time.  Some of our actors this year already had their lines learnt which was a great boost and really helped things flow.

As the Adapt Theatre Group pantos are bilingual as we like to perform for our Spanish neighbours, another big challenge is learning some of the Spanish lines. In order to do that each actor is sent an audio file to help with pronunciation.  Our Spanish audiences always seem to enjoy our efforts so we must be doing something right!

There’s still a very long way to go, learning to really act out the characters, practising the singing and dancing and fitting in all the music and sound effects, not to mention props, costumes and make-up.  It’s a complicated job but one we all really enjoy putting together as a team and know that the result will raise money for a good cause.

Throughout our 13-year history, the ADAPT Theatre Group has worked hard to raise money for local charities.  Once a year we buy basic school materials for children without resources, we donate nappies to the Gota de Leche project in Cartagena and last year we starting working with AFEMAR, a non-profit charitable organisation that works with people with mental health problems in the Mar Menor area.

This organisation runs a day centre with professionals from many disciplines providing a whole range of projects and workshops.  It also has an after-school programme and works to support families.

Their centre in San Pedro has a wonderfully warm and welcoming atmosphere and we are delighted to be able to work more closely with them in the future, especially by donating our panto profits to such an excellent cause.

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