The Sueña Torrevieja political group is reporting that after 13 years, the multi-purpose Blanco Pavilion has still not been completed, after numerous false promises by the PP government.

In 2010 the PP government promised to complete the works, but 13 years later the file remains unresolved.

The current government team once again promised to complete the works by November 2021 but the bidding file for the execution of the works has not even been approved.

On May 3, 2021, the councillor secretary of the Government Board announced that “the completion works on the blanco pavilion would begin shortly, bringing forward the start date to July, more than two years ago, and the completion date in November. of 2021”.

On June 13, 2023, the appointment of the technician of the file for drafting the project and construction management of the completion works of the pavilion was approved by decree, “without the tender having been tendered to date nor the management of the work”, nor the execution of it,” says Pablo Samper, spokesperson for Sueña Torrevieja.

The true reality in Samper’s words is “that not only has the completion of the works for November 2021 not been completed, but the bidding file for the execution of the works has not even been approved.”

Samper states that “it is incomprehensible how this work has been stuck since 2010 and that 4 terms have passed without finding a definitive solution or getting such an important sports facility that could provide relief in terms of schedules and uses to the great and growing demand for athletes and students of sports schools. We therefore demand a solution as soon as possible.”