Manchester City is not only breaking records on the pitch, but it is doing so off the pitch too. According to the numbers presented by, the treble-winning club has gained 33.1m new followers on social media during the past year – the highest in the Premier League. However, Real Madrid topped the global charts with 44m new followers.

Tottenham were second in Premier League with 23.5m new followers last year

According to the Football Benchmark data on football social media, Manchester City was the fastest-growing brand in the Premier League. City acquired 33.1m new followers on major social media platforms in the past year. The data was collected over one year (25/06/22 to 25/6/23) across six major social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Weibo.

When we look at the global numbers, La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona outperform all other clubs. Real Madrid is not only the most followed football club in the world, but it also gained the most followers in the past year. The capital club of Spain gained 44m new followers on social media. Barcelona are second on the list with 33.3m new followers.

Manchester City comes next with 33.1m new followers. When we look at overall followers, City is only the seventh-most popular club, but last year, they gained the most followers outside the big two from La Liga.

French giants Paris Saint-Germain gained 23.9m new followers to grab the fourth spot. However, it must be pointed out that PSG lost many followers on social media following Lionel Messi’s exit from the club. With 23.5m new followers, Tottenham were not far behind PSG. Tottenham’s position is surprising as they don’t even make the top ten biggest clubs on social media overall.

Manchester United registered 18.2 million new followers on their social media accounts. It is a disappointing return considering Manchester United is the third most popular social media club on overall numbers.

Real Madrid is the most popular club overall, and Man Utd most popular in PL

Real Madrid and Barcelona are the two most popular football clubs on social media. Real Madrid boasts 350.5m followers combined, whereas Barcelona is not far behind with a total of 328.9m.

Manchester United are the third most popular club globally, but they are some distance behind the top two with 216.2m followers. French giants PSG are next with a 179.6m strong social media army, followed by Chelsea with 144.9m followers. Italian giants Juventus are not far behind with 143.5m followers.

Man City are only the seventh most popular club on social media in terms of overall followers. With 141.1m followers, the Treble winners are considerably behind the other Manchester club.

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