The Més Santa Pola coalition has denounced the new remuneration of the councillors of the Santa Pola City Council, with a new salary table that increases the salary of the PP mayoress, Loreto Serrano, by 73 percent and that of the PP councillors of the government by 66%, all from the public funds.

Més Santa Pola has censured that the plenary session of the City Council approved the new remuneration of the councillors with eleven votes in favour, no surprise from themselves in the PP, eight against Més Santa Pola and the PSPV-PSOE, and two abstentions from Vox, as indicated by the coalition it’s a statement.

The confluence has branded this wage increase as “obscene”, while criticising that it has been done “unilaterally, passing the roller of the absolute majority.” “With this increase, the councillors of the PP will charge more than, for example, the government of the City Council of Elche, a city of 235,000 inhabitants”, they say.

Specifically, the plenary session, with the votes in favour of the PP, approved a salary of 62,930 euro for the mayoress with exclusive dedication and 39,239 with partial dedication. In the case of councillors with exclusive dedication with delegation, they will charge 46,564 euro; while those who do not have a delegation will receive 32,500. For their part, the councillors with part-time dedication and delegation will have 29,029 euro in salary, and those without delegation will charge 22,000.

Likewise, Més Santa Pola has denounced that the government team “has kept all the advisers except one, which it has granted to the PSOE, leaving the rest of the opposition without a secretariat for the Municipal Group.” “An unprecedented movement in the more than four decades of democracy in Santa Pola”, they stated.

The spokesperson for Més Santa Pola, Esteve Ruiz, has considered that these salary increases are “typical of those who have come to the City Council not to work for Santa Pola, but to live like kings at the expense of the public treasury.” Likewise, he has asked himself “how are they going to explain this to the people on the street, taking into account the deplorable state in which the municipal services and the municipality in general are found”.

On the other hand, the confluence has indicated that the mayoress, Loreto Serrano, “is running to be a provincial deputy” and has censured that this was not communicated during the electoral campaign, for which they consider it a “fraud against the citizens of Santa Pola”, as her role will not be exclusively dedicated to Santa Pola.

In the municipal elections in May, 7,098 people voted for the PP, some 48.05% of the vote, increasing from the 5,475 they obtained in 2019, 40.74% of the vote.