The Los Verdes in Torrevieja have accused the Mayor, Eduardo Dolón, of using public money, which should be spent on the residents who pay taxes, for the promotion of the national group of his political party, the PP, in advance of the elections next month.

In the current issue of the local weekly Vista Alegre, they say, camouflaged as a response to an interview, Dolón has shown no shame in using this institutional medium as a partisan political platform to attack the Government of Spain.

In that interview, the PP mayor shows his dissatisfaction with the current management and calls for a change of state government that meets the needs of citizens. However, Los Verdes argue that this accusation is unfounded and that the mayor is promoting the Partido Popular electorally while ignoring, on the one hand, his own corruption scandals and, on the other, the comparison of the current Coalition Government with the previous Government of Rajoy (PP).

Why the discontent with the state government?

One of the points highlighted by Dolón is the state government’s lack of attention to the demands of citizens. It seems that he has a bad memory, they say, since he neglected to talk about essential issues that have improved the lives of citizens.

The Los Verdes then go into great detail of elements implemented by the current government, which is led by the PSOE, it is worth noting, and as such is not directly linked to the greens, including the rise in the minimum wage and pensions, the drop in personal income tax and the creation of taxes for the rich, the creation of employment and the end of junk contracts, economic growth and energy exception, first state law for animal protection, improvements in transportation and public services, and international prestige and credibility of the Government of Spain.

Pedro Sánchez – who does not need an English translator – has managed to give Spain significant international prominence. And, along with Sánchez, ministers such as Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz stand out at a European and international level.

It is striking that in a city that has as many European inhabitants as Torrevieja, the mayor of the PP silences the important international role of the current Government of Spain. The Partido Popular is still cheering and applauding Aznar’s antics in the Azores which, with lies about non-existent nuclear weapons in the possession of the Iraqi army, led Spain to become involved in the unjust war in Iraq.

In conclusion, Eduardo Dolon is using the Vista Alegre municipal weekly – financed entirely with public money, that is, our taxes – to promote himself and his party and forgets both his own corruption scandals and those of the previous government of the PP; For example, the Acuamed case, or the terrible management of the PP of Torrevieja with the CN-332 (even the former deputy Albadalejo voted against the widening!), or the Paseo Marítimo Juan Aparicio, or the National Police Station, and so we could continue with more bloody cases for our city.

The situation described in Vista Alegre magazine is a big lie, and Mayor Eduardo Dolón should refrain from using this local medium to manipulate information and politically promote his corrupt party whose priority, whether at the state, regional or national level, will never It has not been to favour the most vulnerable groups or reduce equality of all kinds, but rather to protect and increase the great fortunes and keep critical voices silenced.