In the recent local elections, José María Pérez Sánchez, a farmer by profession, has become the second most voted mayor of the PP in the Valencian Community, and the first in the province of Alicante. He begins his second term with a large absolute majority in a team of 14 councillors in a municipality of about 28,000 inhabitants.

The inauguration ceremony was held on Saturday in the Plenary Hall. It was also followed by hundreds of people watching it through a giant screen installed outside the Town Hall building.

The Partido Popular in Pilar de la Horadada has increased its share by by 998 votes, which translates into 3 more councillors than it had in the last legislature. The Municipal is now made up of 14 councillors from the Popular Party, 6 from the Spanish Socialist Workers Party and 1 councillor from VOX.

In his investiture speech, the mayor said that “this victory is not only mine, but that of the entire town”, and that “it has been your support, your enthusiasm and your dedication that have made this triumph possible”, adding that “together we have shown that when we unite around a common goal, we can achieve great things”.

In addition, the distribution of departments that will take effect on Monday has already been announced, and it is as follows: María del Mar Sáez Martínez: Citizen Security, Human Resources, Social Services, Housing; Ángel Albaladejo Miralles: Urbanism, Heritage; Rufino Lancharro Muñoz: Public Services, Infrastructures; Asunción Sánchez Martínez: Festivals, Employment, Equality, Districts; José Antonio Martínez Delgado: Sports, Associations; Nieves Moreno Moreno: Health, Modernization, International Residents; Darío Quesada Ferrer: Culture, Education; Rosario Rojano González: Commerce, Consumption; Melisa García Roda: Youth; Pedro Miguel Moya Albaladejo: Treasury, Environment; Elisabet Marcos López: Seniors, Animal Protection; Eva María Martínez Pagán: Tourism; José Antonio Sáez Egea: Recruitment.