If you’re one of those people who can’t fit all of your shopping into the current six-day schedule, we have great news for you, because the shops are about to open again on Sundays.

From Sunday 18 June 2023, shops and stores across the Valencia region are once again allowed to open for business. Across the border in Murcia, they maintain Sunday shopping throughout the year.

Sunday shopping will now be the norm for the rest of the year. In fact, with only the odd exception, notably the 9 October and 25 December in Valencia, shops will be able to have a continual schedule until the New Year.

Of course, local holidays might mean there are some closures other than those mentioned, and shops are not obliged to open, they just can, legally, so you should check where you live for specifics. Other than that, you can shop until you drop every single day, but perhaps spare a thought for the workers who will be tending to your every need whilst you do.

One popular venue for shoppers is the famous La Zenia Boulevard on the Orihuela-Costa. During the month of June they will have a whole host of events which include:

06/06 – 30/06 – Suitcase Game
09/06 – 10/06 – Dia de la Region de Murcia
10/06 – Skin Workshop
17/06 – ABBA Elite in Concert
18/06 – Little Stars Show

23/06 – 25/06 – San Juan

CC La Zenia Boulevard Calendar of Activities for June 2023
CC La Zenia Boulevard 0
CC La Zenia Boulevard Opening Days for 2023