‘When he touches the ball, even violins sound, they win a game based on caste and heart. They are usually touched by a wand, only God knows who and why’


Racing San Miguel football prodigy ‘Little-big-man’ Tom Casali Baterman has left the Vega Baja club, in a move to Elche FC.

In an emotional tribute from Racing San Miguel, Antonio Manuel Costa Valero, said: “They say that there are players who can build stadiums, that with their dribbling, goals and actions they can provoke emotions.

“That, when he touches the ball, even violins sound, that they win a game based on caste and heart, that is capable of making his team vibrate – the opponent’s worst nightmare.  “They are usually touched by a wand, only God knows who and why, the rest of us only have to applaud and enjoy, at least those of us who like soccer.  “The one I’ve had the pleasure of meeting is a metre and a little bit, but I promise I’ve seen people knocked down twice as big.

“I’ve seen them do crazy things, that you see on TV. Without a doubt, it is an example that the Youth Academies create players, although later we already know that the ‘big team’ ends up taking the boy.

“It is like that, because that is how it should be. We have no choice, but to hold on and wish him the best of luck.

“Because, I think which is an example, and because it has that Sanmiguelero DNA, only a small club in resources, but great in values ​​like Racing San Miguel can have.

“I only have words of gratitude to him and his entire family for delivering him and representing this shield as it should be, with work, humility and always with our feet on the ground.

“Thank you Racing San Miguel to its entire board of directors, its co-ordinators and all those people who do the work and are rarely appointed, they are the ones who maintain this. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to meet one of those ‘chosen’ ones and enjoy these 6 months.

“Not only does it destroy my team, also my heart, although I hope that one day life will reward you.

“My star is going to Elche FC. My ‘Little-big-man’ Tom Casali Baterman is leaving. Good luck in the future and what I said enjoy the moment.

“Thank you Maria Casali and Mat for trusting in this project.  You will always be of this family.”