“Generación D”, or Generation D to you and me, arrives in Torrevieja this weekend, as part of a tour that promotes learning in digital skills.

The nationwide tour of this informative caravan will be in Torrevieja on April 1, 3 and 4, 2023, and everyone is invited to go along, see and learn what it´s all about, and get involved in improving your digital skills and security.

Internet search engines, social networks, cybersecurity, online procedures… Digitisation is part of everyday life. For this reason, this experience offers users a multitude of resources and guidance for the simple development of their digital skills, applicable to all areas of daily life.

Who is it for?

The workshops, games and activities are designed for all citizens to participate in the experience, with special attention to the unemployed, women over 45, seniors… “We want to break the digital divide! The experience is completely FREE and lasts approximately 30 – 40 minutes”.

What activities are carried out?

The mobile unit is equipped with immersive technology that invites you to participate in a series of practical activities to promote and encourage the development of digital skills. An experience that will adjust to the needs of each user.

We will start with a self-diagnostic test that shows your level in digital skills. With the results, the experts will personalise the experience and offer you a multitude of courses, training sessions or workshops with which to develop and strengthen your knowledge.

Test yourself! With the result of the test, you will face the most varied games and activities at all levels: from learning how to perform an optimal search on the Internet to avoiding “fake news”, optimising the use of your social networks, or managing your digital identity.

In addition, you can participate in the escape room. An immersive activity in which users will have to put what they have learned into practice if they want to solve the game and get out of the room.

The best of all? That all activities give points! Add your score will be added to everyone who participates in Torrevieja, which will then pitch the town against other municipalities in Spain. Whoever gets the most points… will have a prize!

One slight complication is that the activities are likely to be in Spanish, but you can always encourage the organisers to improve their own digital footprint by incorporating languages into their activities. Oh, and they haven´t actually told us WHERE in Torrevieja it will be, so even if you are able to use digital mapping applications, you probably still won´t find the exact location!


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