In Murcia nearly 30,000 people depend on the food banks for their daily needs and their number is increasing.  Between March and July 850,000 kilograms of basic foodstuffs were distributed in the Murcia Region, an increase of nearly 40% on the amount required last year.

As Murcia is the home for 145  freemasons spread over 6 Lodges, the Provincial Grand Master, Terence Pierce, has opened an initiative to give support to the community through the local Social Services Department.

Luz de Murcia Lodge #91, who meet in Los Alcazares, have just donated 1,000€ worth of food and grocery items to assist social services of Los Alcazares in keeping their stocks up.

Pictured are Javier Pacheco, Social Services Los Alcazares, Peter Horne and David Curley from Luz de Murcia Lodge, and Terence Pierce Prov.Grand Master.