The Albatera Concentration Camp has been declared as a place of democratic memory of the Valencian Community, aimed at providing “justice, compensation and dignity” to the victims of the civil war and subsequent dictatorship.

The resolution was published on February 17, in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The purpose of the resolution is to determine specific protection and compatible uses of the site, as a Place of Democratic Memory of the Valencian Community. As such it must be maintained as a single plot with the suspension of municipal licenses for subdivision, building or demolition

Albatera concentration camp

The Albatera Concentration Camp is inextricably associated with the memorial heritage of the end of the Spanish Civil war and the Franco dictatorship.

It is constituted by the perimeter of an irregular polygon of about 709 meters long by 200 meters wide, with an approximate surface of 12 hectares of land. It is also an area of ​​relevant archaeological interest and can now offer protection to all those elements found on the site, as well those that may be exhumed in the future.

The resolution also establishes a regime of protection and conservation, so as to guarantee the safeguarding of its values, for which there will be regular inspections, as well as actions necessary to avoid the destruction and deterioration of the site.