The National Police in the Alicante province will be boosted by another 82 places in the next few months, 29 of whom will be allocated to work on the border controls at Alicante-Elche airport.

Unions have been denouncing the shortage of offices at Alicante airport, where the workload has increased considerably on account of checks required after Brexit.

According to Jupol, the union representing police officers, the province will see an increase to 2,404 officers, compared to the 2,322 currently. Whereas they applaud the 37% increase in staff at the airport, they also still clam that it is insufficient, as the lack of police officers at the airport has resulted in situations of passenger queues in recent months whose documentation has to be controlled.

Aside from the airport, neither Orihuela or Torrevieja will see an increase in the number of officers, and they maintain their 125 and 6 positions, respectively, in Torrevieja they are predominantly involved in administrative duties such as residencia applications. Elche also maintains the 391 positions.

There will be an increase in the Elda-Petrer Police Station from 151 to 159 officers; Alcoy will go up to 100, an increase of 1; Benidorm will grow by 4 agents and the staff will be made up of 365 police officers; and Denia will go from 121 to 123, an increase of 2.