When Rojales based Alastair Martin put his wheelbarrow up for sale for a snip at €25, little did he expect to get the response that tipped-up.

The large ‘barrow was advertised as ‘working OK, having been used for cement work’: “Is that what you get for taking it away!,” quipped Gordon Fran.

“Cheeky buggers!,” said a laughing Janet Bilton.

The wheelbarrow looked a little rusty at the front end, with the cement-finish look, as described: “What’s wrong with it?”, said a bemused Alastair.

Jose Joaquín Guirao said: “25€ are worth brand new.”

“It looks a bit tacky, yes, from cement, but goes well,” reasoned Alistair.

But potential buyers were unconvinced: “What size is the engine?,” quipped Les Pancott.

Alastair changed gear, hitting back at the criticism, laughing: “2.5v6 – it will go as fast as your legs take ya.”

Les Pancott added: “I’ll take it. How much will I be paid to drive it away.”

The Rojales Council even got a mention about the wheelbarrow from Iain Malcolm: “It can’t be ex-Council – as it looks well used.”

Neil Al said: “Does the cement come free?”.

Derek Spelzini added: “It does work well, I’ve seen you take your missus home loads of times.”

The comments kept piling up, with Roger Davis adding: “You’re avin a larf.”

Joseph Grech wasn’t too impressed with the barrow either, saying: “In the skip!.”