People living in the Valencian Community will soon be able to carry their SIP card on their mobile phone. In the coming months, it will no longer be necessary to physically carry the health card to access services such as medical care or prescriptions, but rather it can be integrated into a mobile phone for greater accessibility.

The tender, with a budget of 2 million euros, has been awarded to the company Global Rossetta, a technology company based in Madrid, owned by the German fund Aurelius AG.

“The requirement of the contract is to incorporate the SIP Card onto mobile devices, as is already the case with many other types of cards in daily usage. The main advantage is the ease of being able to carry the card with you, without taking up space or avoiding it’s the possible loss, with the consequent renewal process,” stated a spokesperson from Health.

One other app that is currently being considered for development by the Ministry of Health will offer users health advice that can be tailored to their own particular medical situation, with the ultimate goal of preventing further illness or disease.