Jatropha integerrima – common names Peregrina or Spicy Jatropha – is an evergreen shrub or small tree, with glossy leaves that has clusters of star shaped flowers almost all year round.

The plant has a rounded form and can grow up to 15 ft tall, with a 10 ft spread.

It is not particularly demanding on position or soil type, provided it’s well draining.  Adult plants can also tolerate periods of drought.

In winter it is good to leave the soil to dry out almost completely before watering again.

Peregrina usually grows with several slender trunks, but it can also be pruned into to a single trunk.

Their leaves add lots of interest to your garden, as they are bronze when young and brownish on the undersides.

They are also variable in shape, from oval, fiddle shaped, or they may have three sharp pointed lobes.

Flowers range in colour, from scarlet red, coral pink or vermilion, with many clusters at branch ends.

Its fruit is rounded, which will split open when ripe to shed it’s seeds.

Note: All parts are toxic if ingested and it’s milky sap may cause skin irritation and rashes from contact.