The Torrevieja University Hospital has 20 new individual rooms for patients and has also completed refurbishment and painting tasks in it’s rooms and corridors. The total cost of these improvements is 161,805.5 euros.

The 20 new single rooms are located on the second floor of the Hospital, right corridor, and have bathrooms that have been adapted for people with reduced mobility.

The Minister of Health, Miguel Mínguez, said “the new rooms increase the capacity of the centre, as well as representing a qualitative leap in the well-being of both patients and their families.”

The conditioning of the rooms has been accompanied by the installation of a new call centre in the Nursing control  area so that patients can communicate with the staff from their bedrooms. It has also seen the renovation of the gas pipes and the headboards of the beds (where the data, gas and plug sockets are located).

The new rooms are in an area that was previously used for the rest of the duty medical staff, who now have a new living room and new bedrooms for rest, and rehabilitation activities in another area of ​​the hospital.

As well as additional patient rooms and in a new rest area for staff, the air conditioning ducts have also been improved, rooms and corridors have been renovated and painted and the floor has been polished, while the necessary hospital furniture has been replaced.