Artichokes from Vega Baja had a notable presence at Madrid Fusión, the International Gastronomy Congress, that was held in Madrid this week.

La Joya de la Huerta is one of the products on display at the Costa Blanca Tourist Board stand and, in addition, was the star of the showcooking held by top chef Moisés Martínez, from the El Buey de Almoradí restaurant.

Under the title ‘Updated tradition’, Moisés Martínez demonstrated “that the artichoke has an infinite number of applications and that it can be renewed day after day”.

“Every year we go crazy to see what we can change about this typical dish of the region, but it is difficult when something is simply perfect. For this reason, it only changes the image while maintaining all the flavours”, explains Martínez, who points out that the raw artichoke salad also had tomato, black olive oil, tuna cubes and striped tuna roe.

In addition to this dish, he also presented a more avant-garde proposal. For the chef from Almoradí, “it is a little madness that is very good”. It’s called Alcamole and it’s about applying the guacamole technique to the artichoke.

“We make it like guacamole and change the fat provided by the avocado for oil. It is the perfection of antioxidants and I have accompanied it with marinated salmon and a canned artichoke mayonnaise that is also exquisite”.

The president of the Vega Baja Artichoke brand, Antonio Ángel Hurtado Roca, also took part in the showcooking to expose the uniqueness of the artichokes grown in the region and the reasons that make it the Jewel of the Garden.

For Antonio Ángel, “Madrid Fusión is a very important event in the gastronomy sector where great chefs and professionals from the sector gather and that the artichoke from Vega Baja is present at this type of event is essential to continue making our artichokes known , the quality they have and promote our brand”.