The travelling exhibition ‘Renacer’ was held in Pilar de la Horadada this year, coming to the peninsula for the first time from the Canary Islands.

Renacer is a photographic exhibition, in which breast cancer is visualised through 18 large-format colour photographic images made by Elizabeth Amador.

With this artistic exhibition, organised by the Department of Health, nine lives, their stories and experiences are documented.

The author defines them as beautiful women and survivors, with their war scars, who are the witness of the tremendous struggle they have carried out.

Estíbaliz and María, two of the models that appear in the photographs, were present at the opening ceremony and conveyed to the attendees the union and good atmosphere that had been created between all of them and the author, being a pleasant experience for all.

Among the public was the mayor José María Pérez, and councillors, Marina Sáez, Susi Sánchez and Nieves Moreno, who as Councillor for health welcomed both the artist and the models during the opening ceremony.

The mayor underlined the support the council makes towards prevention campaigns that detect early diagnoses that contribute to healing by saving lives.

The project has generated great empathy and shows a necessary empowerment of the participants, with the projection of their images mimicked within the natural environment that surrounds them and transforms them into goddesses with remarkable beauty, which reflects various ideals through the artistic work. The exhibition warns society that they must be taken into account and helped emotionally.

Estíbaliz and María at Renacer opening ceremony.
Mayor José María Pérez, Marina Sáez, Susi Sánchez and Nieves Moreno.