The “Vera Photo Club” photography exhibition, organised by Mojácar Council, has been inaugurated in the Mojácar “La Fuente” Art Centre, and remains open to the public until the end of November.

Mojácar Mayor Rosa María Cano attended the inauguration, along with members of her governing team, who showed their interest in the works on show and organised by members of the Vera Photo Club collective, and who along with the many members of the public who attended the opening of the exhibition were able to enjoy the exhibited photographs and the numerous anecdotes which came up about taking them.

Vera International Photo Club presents in Mojácar a sample of the work done by a large part of the photographers who make up this collective in its annual appointment with the municipality, the aim of which is to show their best work and the most recent shots taken.

Over the years, and in the many exhibitions held at the La Fuente Art Centre, the great progress of its members can be seen, both in terms of the quality of the shots and the artistic composition.

For this show, 19 artists have exhibited their work. Nineteen styles: blank and white or colour, nature or human figures. Different ways of looking from their camera lenses at the world around them, but all of them of great quality.

The club was founded some years ago by Roberts Stan, a photography enthusiast who managed to encourage two other friends, among them Rod Westwood, and create a platform where you can discuss, learn and improve on everything related to the world of the image.

Rod Westwood, a professional photographer in the world of fashion, is now president of this large club, formed by members of all levels: from professionals to those starting out in the world of photography.

Its members keep up an intense activity and regularly meet up to present their work, discuss it, and search, perhaps, for other ways of doing it. They also usually have special guests from the world of photography and propose projects or themes to follow and which are then shown to the most experienced members.

There is no doubt that today Vera International Photo Club is the province’s most important photography collective, and many of its members could be considered benchmarks in the artistic world of this genre.

In short, an exhibition which nobody should miss and which offers a unique opportunity to admire one of the best works of photography in the province and to acquire one of their works.

The Mojácar La Fuente Art Centre, located on the Cuesta de la Fuente, is open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm. Entry is free.