Whilst some local municipalities struggle to have their litter bins emptied at times, this will not be the case in Elche, as Smart Bins are being installed, that can report on their status in real-time.

The Carrús neighbourhood is the first in the municipality to have the bins installed, which means removing the existing bins that are in poor condition and replacing them with these modern versions.

The goal is to renew around 400 each year and for the people of Elche to have a bin at every crossroads in neighbourhoods and districts. Currently in Elche there are more than 3,500 litter bins.

These Smart Bins have a system installed that allows the geolocation of all of them to be recorded, and let the operators know in real time the last time they were emptied, and even If they need a little bit of love and tenderness in the form of maintenance.

In addition, for the first time, there will be a vehicle that will be in charge of cleaning 30 bins a day.