The National Police have busted networks ‘Suitcase Scam’ in Alicante and Hellín, having defrauding victims by message – posing as a distant relative – after having luggage problems at an airport.

The scammers sent documentation from supposed customs agents, or false documents related to airlines.

Four of the detainees were mules of the organisation – people who provided their bank account to receive money from the scam.

The person who was in charge of collecting the cash from the mules has also been arrested.

The National Police carried out two operations, ending two specialised networks after contacting victims, capturing  them via social engineering techniques, and posing as a relative residing abroad.

Once the victim falls into the trap, they ask for money as their suitcases are retained at the airport; send false customs documents and photographs of suitcases giving the appearance of veracity, along with false documents related to airlines.

The victims agree to help financially and send money requested.

Scams worth €12,000 have been clarified in two operations, linked to scams that could exceed €12,000 to five different victims.

Investigations are ongoing in order to identify more possible victims and clarify more scams.

Both operations were carried out by agents of the Economic Crime Group of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade, who determined the identity of four possible mules of the organisations dedicated to receiving money in bank accounts.

Later it was delivered it to a upper echelon in the organisation, a woman in charge of sending it to its final destination, Bolivia, the place of origin of the scam.

The detainees, two men and two women, aged between 26-50, of Bolivian, Venezuelan and Spanish nationality, were heard in a statement as alleged perpetrators of a crime of fraud.

To avoid being a victim of fraud of this type, check who you are interacting with.

Rational distrust, try to contact your friend or family member by other means, to make sure if what is happening to them is true.

Ignore their messages and block the contact who sent you the message, if you are sure your family member or friend is not really in that situation.

Contact the company through the official channels to verify the information.  No public agent or airport agent will ask you for a money deposit.

National Police busted specialised networks.