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New regulations governing the mandatory issue of Spanish drivers license for British citizens is an issue that’s causing concern for some of our English expatriate customers.

Our Legal Assistance service will keep you fully updated on all the latest news and provide details on driving schools closest to your home, where you can prepare for the exam in English, consult the registration fees and raise any questions you may have.

In this article we’ll explain the regulations and procedures that you’ll have to follow, and the possible sanctions for non-compliance. If you need more information or you’d like to speak to our Legal Assistance team, please call 919 180 022 and we’ll be happy to assist and advise you.


As of December 31st 2020, the UK ceased to belong to the European Union, and regulations that allowed driving in Spain, with a British driving license, ceased to be applicable.

UK issued driving licenses were only authorized to drive in Spain until April 30th 2022, and are now not valid. All existing agreements on highway regulations that protect the Member States of the European Union have ceased to be valid and applicable.  However, those British drivers who do not have their main residence in Spain and travel for periods of less than six months (tourist type), may continue to drive in Spain, during that period, with their original permit.


Residents with a British driving license, had until December 31st 2020 to swap and redeem theirs for a Spanish license. Consequently, they must now obtain a new Spanish driving license from scratch, submitting to the requirements and tests established in Spain for obtaining said license.

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