Did you know that cockfighting is a sport that has existed for over a thousand years? It is also known as sabong, a popular sport and an institution that has thrived for many years.

Interestingly, it has managed to withstand the test of time until it has upgraded into the digital world. You can bet on any part of the world through different online gaming websites. The digital cockfighting game uses the traditional principle of determining the winner. You are required to match the two roosters, which are the crown favorite and the underdog, to determine the winner.

Determining the winner is hectic, making a bet an almost impossible mission for all matches. However, you can enhance your chances by playing smarter using the highlighted tips. Read on to discover things to consider when betting on games like online sabong ph.

Rooster’s track record

In most online cockfighting sports, you can get the idea of how much of a fighter the game fowls are. During the live cockfight, you will see the trendy section that has various colored circles that indicate previous effort and their present chances to win. The red circle will show you the number of wins, while the blue circle will show the number of losses each cock has made.

There is also a yellow color that indicates the number of times there were draws in the game. That means you must be keen to look at the dominating color on the trend section to know which of the games fowls will be present for the match. You can easily deduce the winner from the collected information based on the real-time game when they get started.

Form and gestures of the rooster

Before the fight starts, online bettors will be allowed to see and determine the better game fowl. You can equate to how the audience can see roosters on traditional sports day and assume the winner. Consider how the cock uses its beak, jumps, and flies during the fight. Also, analyze their strength, stamina, and agility. The stamina can tell how strong a game fowl can remain despite injuries.

In addition, you should also check the rooster’s feathers. A cock with the shiny ones means it is well-fed. And one that is faded means it fought in the previous matches, and chances are it will likely lose as it is weak.

Be attentive to the statistics of the rooster’s commentators

An announcer of online cockfighting games, just like in the traditional ones, adds the thrill of the fight. Before the match starts, the commentators mention the state of the competitor’s statistics. This includes their wins, losses, draws, weight, and every vital detail surrounding them. You, therefore, need to bet on the cock with the best record of winning because their chances of winning are high.

All the cock fighting sports, including online sabong ph, offer you many opportunities to make money. Apart from winning a bet, you can also raise strong game fowls that will be fit for the fighting arena, which is a great fortune if you manage. Following the highlighted tips, you will have a high chance of winning cockfighting sports games.