Orihuela government at the Town Hall of Orihuela expresses their condolences to the Royal Family and British people following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Is this all they have to say?   Many towns and the city of Torrevieja responded within 2 days to commemorate her death so why did Orihuela take so long? Shame on them. They forget we contribute to the economy of the Orihuela government, we deserve respect, we deserve compassion and empathy in the loss of our great Queen Elizabeth II.

This very short message of condolence of the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II last Thursday 8th September 2022, is to the Royal family and all the British Expats.  What about everyone who reside in Orihuela Costa?  Over 100 nationalities live in Orihuela Costa.  We deserve better, in fact we demand better!

Will the Orihuela government organise a fitting tribute to Her Majesty for all her subjects who want to pay their respects for her long term in office, serving her people throughout the Commonwealth and Europe for 70 years.

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Before Brexit, Orihuela Costa had the most populated British Expat Community on this planet earth outside of Great Britain, according to the British Embassy statistics   Sadly the numbers have declined, but that does not excuse the Orihuela government from their duty of care and respect for the Expat community.

The truth is, Orihuela government do not respect the residents of the coast.  As usual, they had to be “encouraged” to write a very short message offering their condolences, then again had to be “encouraged” to organise a short service.

Is this not the time to join together, support each other in the loss of our great Queen Elizabeth II.

History proves Spain has enjoyed a close relationship with the United Kingdom for hundreds of years and the vast majority of the World.

Surely Orihuela city could organise a fitting tribute on the coast together with The Royal British Legion Orihuela Costa branch, not forgetting that she was Patron of the RBL.  This would be a great opportunity to celebrate not only her life but the accession of her son as King Charles III.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador, Hugh Elliott could be invited to represent The Crown.

We will not forget their disgraceful lack of compassion, lack of empathy in the forthcoming elections next May.  We will remember those that supported each other, together, in times of sadness and sorrow.  RIP your Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  God save the King.

Kind regards,

PIOC – Partido Independencia Orihuela Costa