Quote: ‘The house is mine. I pay the mortgage.  It is unacceptable Spain does not have better laws and regulations’

A homeowner in the town of El Esparragal, Murcia, was so angry when his house was occupied – squatted – that he chased the occupants out with brute force.

“I went to our house, together with my wife and two daughters, to get a scooter.  “When we couldn’t unlock it, we realised something was wrong. “A neighbour came and said that someone had moved into the house – the day before.  Then I understood what had happened,” said the property owner.

The homeowner called some friends following his discovery that squatters had entered his house.

His friends arrived and entered the property chasing those that had occupied the house out into the street.  All possessions of the occupants were removed.

The Spanish homeowner fears that he will be punished for the act, but says that he is willing to appear in Court.

“The house is mine and I pay the mortgage every month.  It is unacceptable that Spain does not have better laws and regulations in this area.

“The occupiers have almost more justice than we as homeowners,” the owner to the Spanish media.

Caption: Squatters evicted in Murcia.