Passengers on a Renfe train travelling between Valencia and Zaragoza experienced scenes of panic on Tuesday when the train was forced to stop due to the proximity of a fire close to Bejís.

The proximity of the flames caused many of the passengers try to leave the train, several of which were injured. Reports indicates that three people are seriously injured by burns and another 17 have suffered minor injuries.

When the train was unable to move due to the proximity of the fire the driver relayed his intention of returning to Caudiel, but between the moment of stopping the train and starting the return journey, some frightened passengers decided to try to get out, a number of which broke the windows in an effort to disembark.

On realising their proximity to the fire it is understood that all returned to the train which was then able to start on it’s return journey.

The driver asked the passengers not to get off the train and quickly moved to the rear cabin in order to drive back to Caudiel, which prevented more passengers from suffering personal injuries. Fortunately none of the passengers who remained on the train were injured.

20 injured as train surrounded by flames in Valencia

Some travellers have suffered burns and are being treated by the health facilities at the Caudiel station. According to sources from the Ministry of Health, two SAMUs, three SVBs, a medical helicopter, an Emergency Truck and three TNAs travelled to the scene.

Three people were seriously injured by burns. One of them was transferred by helicopter to the La Fe Hospital in Valencia, another by SAMU to the same centre and another, also by SAMU to the Clinical Hospital. A person with less serious burns was moved to Sagunt.

In addition, between 8 and 10 people with minor injuries have been transferred to the field hospital that has been set up in Jérica, according to information released by the Ministry of Health.

The incident has affected a Media Distancia train that covered the route between Valencia Nord/Zaragoza Miraflores, leaving at 4:22 p.m. Travel has been suspended on the line and road transport has been planned for passengers.

Renfe explained on its social networks, the Media Distancia 18506 returned to the Caudiel station, where it has been parked while passengers were waiting for alternative means.

The Valencian president, Ximo Puig said that “there have been different versions that I think are not up to me to analyse”, adding that Renfe “will be asked to give the appropriate explanations of what has happened”.