The Community president has chaired a meeting in l’Eliana on Tuesday of the Comprehensive Operational Coordination Center set up for to tackle forest fires that are affecting the Valencian Community

Puig said that the weather situation is “very adverse” and considers it a priority that the authorities are able to guarantee the “maximum safety” of the public.

He said that around 1,000 firefighters and around 50 aerial means are currently fighting the forest fires originating in La Vall d’Ebo and Bejís, which remain active within an area this Tuesday of 10,000 hectares and almost 700 hectares, respectively.

Ximo Puig chairs meeting to tackle La Vall d'Ebo and Bejís fires
Ximo Puig chairs meeting to tackle La Vall d’Ebo and Bejís fires

The president spoke of the 22 aerial means that were working at noon in La Vall d’Ebo, with a perimeter of 65 kilometers, and 25 others that were operating in Bejís, with a perimeter of 20 kilometers and where the orography of the terrain was preventing the firefighting action by terrestrial means. He was able to also confirm that the fires of Les Useres and Calles are stabilised.

As he praised the teams of firefighters, he added that the weather situation is “very adverse”, with changing winds that make extinction planning difficult, but has stressed that the Valencian Community has all of the necessary resources to act. In so doing he thanked the central government for having made all the means required available to the Generalitat, and also highlighted the collaboration provided by the neighbouring communities of Murcia, Aragón, Castilla-La Mancha and Catalonia.