Percy's Ramblings
Percy's Ramblings

Percys Ramblings

On many occasions I have been known to admire and appreciate the Spanish Health Service, friendly, efficient and effective, but sadly, that seems to have changed. I guess it was forced to do so when the pandemic struck and we had the risk of groups of people spreading the Covid. One could understand why it was safer for the doctor to talk to you on a telephone, obviously they found that more efficient and time saving, but unfortunately, the old ways have not returned.

It is a shame as now everything appears to be controlled by computers, not very personal but probably more efficient. However, when an elderly person has had a bad fall, which happened recently, they have been prescribed strong painkillers, no examination, just an x-ray in ten days’ time.

One morning,  I am sure the local Clínica is not reluctant to deal with  this event because of the persons age, the lady is almost paralysed with the pain, we managed to get in the car and took her to emergency, where she was transferred to a wheelchair. We asked for an x-ray but were told it was not possible at the time and to come back when the procedure for her was booked.

The painkillers prescribed are so strong they cause serious dizziness, one reason why the lady fell over in the first place, so no examination of the damage, no nursing care, just tablets to take some of the pain away, causing more giddiness and creating instability. I think the service is losing its delicate touch. At the time of writing the x-ray is tomorrow.

I do believe doctors and nurses have one of the worst jobs in the world because from the moment they start work, they see no smiling faces. All they hear all day is people moaning and complaining.

Crucial Equipment:

I am not certain how long it has been the law for vehicles in Europe to carry two red triangles to be used in the case of having to stop on the highway. They are an impractical item to be placed behind and on the side  of the road to warn traffic of the restricted space caused by the breakdown. In inclement weather they tend to get blown over also very few people understand where they should be placed and there is the added danger of dodging traffic when you display them.

As from 2026 the triangle will be obsolete, they are being replaced by a portable, piercing flashing orange light which a driver can reach out of their window and place on the roof, where it is held tightly in place by a strong magnet. They can be purchased now, but as from when they become lawful, they will have the extra facility of informing the emergency services where you are via a satellite link.

The debate concerning electric cars continues with various stories and pictures. My personal thoughts, as I have said before, are that it is a technology that has not been really thought through and raises a number of  issues, the main one of which is how far you can go on a single charge.

Percy's Ramblings
Percy’s Ramblings

To prove the point two events demonstrated it recently. A Mercedes driver having spent two weeks in a remote Italian village. When it was time to leave he discovered there was no place to charge his electric vehicle – he bought a portable generator so he could replenish the electrics to his car and then head home. The other was the picture of a Tesla car with a caravan attached parked on the side of the road. On the grassy bank a small portable charger and connected to the car, close by there was a spare can of fuel.

Perhaps in future new electric cars, instead of being supplied with a spare wheel they will have a petrol generator and a spare petrol fuel can.

Keep your Kit on:

I would guess not too many people have heard of the ‘West End Proactive Partnership’, it is a police unit in London. An email has been sent to its 190 members telling them not to take their clothes off when visiting gay bars when they are off duty, otherwise it could be embarrassing if they are called to the premises in their official capacity – it is now I  understand a disciplinary offence to disrobe when off duty.

It follows a report to the ‘Metropolitan Police Licensing Team’ of an incident in the ´Heaven´ nightclub when on a Thursday night they have a competition called ´G-A-Y Porn Idol´ where contestants strip off to win a thousand-pound prize.  So, no coppers in the competition in the future.

Just One Complaint:

In Somerset there is a delightful seaside town of Weston Super Mare, a thriving town with sandy beaches and a pier jutting out into the water. It is one of those structures whose history dates back a long time and some of the game machines have been there the same period.

Young children when left on their own to play will make up all sorts of games, sometimes based on events on television or the cinema and one as I remember was very popular was ´Cowboys and Indians´ a naming of two sides in a young person’s pastime, it could be ´British and Germans´ soldiers or various other combinations.

The arcade on the pier had a machine in which the player attempted to shoot down images of Indians as they popped up, the device had been there a long time so must have been popular as I doubt if it would have been kept.

On a day visit a thirty-three-year-old lady was with her mother visiting the area when she saw the game, she was disgusted because people should not be encouraged to attack a minority group.

If you go to Weston now, because of one complaint ‘ yes one ‘ you can no longer play Cowboys and Indians. Take care