THE increase of riders on electric scooters increases daily in Torrevieja – with many users neither wearing helmets and flaunting road rules.

The latest incident involving an e-scooter was witnessed in Torrevieja that involved an accident involving three cars.

“I almost ran over an e-scooter on a pedestrian crossing on Habaneras Avenue,” said Tatiana Pavlyuk.

“It could have been more unfortunate – since I am in the last month of pregnancy. They do not respect anything or stop, – even on a pedestrian crossing and I even saw one jump the traffic lights,” she added.

Rosa Maria said: “The thing about the e-scooters is getting embarrassing now.

“They get into the side of cars more often and too little happens. I pay a tax, an insurance – why do they not pay anything?

Antonio Olmo Maganà said: “This thing about scooters without insurance or helmets, is going to bring many misfortunes.

“They believe that the entire road and intersections belong to them – and they are not obliged to do anything.

“That is not the case, it is an electric scooter and as such it is the same as a motorcycle.

“Let’s see if they force these scooters to carry insurance, because otherwise there will even be deaths.”

Edwin Pacheco: Population has grown – so did cars, bicycles and scooters.

Edwin Pacheco said: “The problem is that the population grew and so did cars, bicycles and scooters.

“There is no infrastructure for bike paths – if there is it is very scarce on the outskirts.

“In the centre there is nothing and the only solution is to remove a car lane – make it a cycle path as they are doing in Scandinavia – so everyone moves in their own lane.

“Torrevieja is very far from that – but it is time to change – or soon it will be worse.”

Caption: e-scooter: Accident involving 3 cars in Torrevieja.