Residents of Orihuela Costa continue to suffer from an appalling lack of services despite being the largest population centre under control of Orihuela. The region also has population far greater than many of the surrounding municipalities that have managed to take full control of their own administrative affairs through segregation.

It is a mystery how city 34 kilometres distant, separated by rolling countryside and two independent towns, can lay administrative claims on the coastal area. A location with a population exceeding 33,227 is surely of sufficient size to manage it’s own administration, and to elect it’s own councillors who actually reside in the area and can truly act for the residents they represent.

The neighbouring town of Pilar de la Horadada, with a population of approximately 22,000 gained independence from the stranglehold of Orihuela in 1986. Since that time this town has thrived.

Pilar is a well-resourced thriving area, while the Orihuela Costa is little more than a cash cow for the benefit of the well subsidised residents of a city over 30 kilometres away.

San Miguel del Salinas, population approximately 8,000; Montesinos, population 5,500; Dolores, population 7,300; Catral, population 8,600, are all self-governing and self-determining independent municipalities, each providing services to their residents that far outstrip those offered to Orihuela Costa residents, who continue to live off the scraps from the Orihuela table.

Self-government for Orihuela Costa is the only way forward, the only way by which the area will ever be able to enjoy the services and amenities appropriate to the size of the population it serves.

Whilst independence from Orihuela could be some way off the coast should have devolved powers with all of the town hall services offered in the city available to the residents of the coast.

For too long the Costa has been marginalised, neglected, and it’s people ransacked for the benefit of Orihuela. It is now time that the residents were provided with the services they so desperately need.

To this end the coast must have an appropriate number of councillors representing the area. This would equate to a minimum of 8 councillors from the coastal region serving as members of Ayuntamiento.

It is only by voting in the upcoming municipal elections that residents of the Orihuela Costa will be able to determine the future of the coast.