The Civil Guard has arrested two men in Torrevieja for committing robberies with force in homes in Petrer, Elche, Cartagena and Badajoz. In addition to the assaults -127 pieces of jewellery have also been recovered, of which 70 have already been returned to their owners.

The men were arrested following a routine traffic stop when a 33 year old Georgian man was held on his presentation of a fake Greek driver’s license and identity card. They also discovered that the vehicle had a hidden compartment under the ashtray and under the handbrake lever with 14,240 euros in cash, 127 pieces of jewellery, a set of binoculars, plastic wedges used by criminals to mark the doors of their potential victims and various tools for opening doors, including various sets of lockpicks.

A second man was arrested when he arrived at the Civil Guard barracks with the intention of presenting the Georgian passport of the man being held in custody.

Some of the tools seized from those arrested

When “the agents told this person to identify himself, he only provided incongruous data, making excuses for not showing his own documentation,” according to information provided by the press office of the Civil Guard Command in Alicante.

On searching the homes of the two detainees, in Elche, agents discovered various objects that were linked to a new robbery in Badajoz. The detainees have now been charged with multiple crimes of robbery with force inside homes.

Although some 70 of the 127 recovered pieces of jewellery have been returned to their rightful owners, it is not ruled out that the number of victims will increase as the investigation continues