According to Iberinform’s monitoring of insolvency proceedings published in the BOE, the business fabric recorded a 17% year-on-year increase in business insolvencies in the Valencian Community in July and 10% in the country as a whole.

The growth registered in July is the first outside the exceptional period of 27 months in which the bankruptcy moratorium has been in force. This began in March 2020, when both Spain and the surrounding markets adopted measures to curb bankruptcy declarations, modifying the filing thresholds, reducing the creditor’s ability to force their admission for processing or providing sufficient financial support to the debtor. to delay your submission. On June 30, the third extension of this moratorium in Spain expired, which has two immediate consequences that anticipate an increase in bankruptcy proceedings from September: creditors regain their legal capacity to request the bankruptcy declaration of a debtor and businessmen in a situation of insolvency, they are once again obliged to file for bankruptcy.

Catalonia (23% of the total) and Madrid (23%) are the Autonomous Communities where the most insolvencies are declared. They are followed by the Valencian Community (17%) and Andalusia (9%). By sectors, insolvencies predominate in construction and real estate (24% of the total) and commerce (21%), followed by the manufacturing industry (13%), business services (12%) and hospitality (10%).

In July 2022, the dissolution of companies registered a growth of 1.8% compared to the same period last year. In the year as a whole, it accumulated an increase of 8.8%. The destruction of the business fabric is concentrated in Madrid (29% of the total), Andalusia (14%), the Valencian Community (12%) and Catalonia (8%). By activity sectors, dissolutions in construction and real estate predominate (24% of the total), followed by commerce (20%) and business services (15%). They are less intense in the sectors of manufacturing industry (7.8%), hospitality (5.8%) and the primary sector (1.5%).


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