Whilst much of the country is heading ever closer to suffering a drought, with reservoirs well below their expected levels, many areas of the country are starting to implement restrictions on water use.

However, the regional Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition, Mireia Mollà, assured this week that the Valencian Community will not suffer water restrictions, as is happening in other autonomies, although she has called for the sectors and society make “rational” use because “waste is not an option”.

This was stated after a meeting with the president of the institution, Carlos Mazón, to address, among other issues, the Xorret de Catí Master Plan. Asked about the water situation in the Community and about possible restrictions, Mollà pointed out that “today, we are not in that scenario”.

However, she insisted that “nobody lose sight of the fact that energy, water, various raw materials are basic public services and essential goods, so any measure of rationality, of making good use of these elements, is essential because waste is not an option”.

“Likewise, we continue to talk about how we must make good use of water, rationalise it and know how we are going to do it. For this reason, let us all make precise use of the supply, industrial and agricultural, of the water we need. Neither more nor less, and that in this way, “no restrictions will have to be applied.”



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