The Clot de Galvany natural park, which is located at the base of the Gran Alacant urbanisation in Santa Pola, has welcomed 3,682 visitors in the first half of this year.

The natural park strives to make this landscape a protected place and at the same time accessible to tourists, environmental management being a determining factor to protect the area with the aim that visits cause the least possible impact.

Measures such as the construction of roads, observatories and routes in the area of ​​wetlands and hills protect the space and have made it possible for the visitors to enjoy the area without having a negative impact on the natural environment.

In addition, this summer they have extraordinary activities of the Environmental Control and Education Service of the Natural Park (SCEA) organised by the City Council of Elche and Aigües d’Elx mainly focused on a family audience.

For the first time this summer they have included nocturnal activities such as guided tours to learn about the fauna of the area, as well as seeing a Perseid shower from El Clot. All these sets of activities and environmental management are a way of giving the coast of Elche a differential value.


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