February 24, 2022, will be long remembered in the history of mankind, because Russia in the 21st century began a full-scale war against Ukraine. The whole world is now watching the horrors that are happening to Ukrainians and their destinies. Also, we cannot fail to mention the richest man in Ukraine, Rinat Akhmetov, and his reaction to everything that is happening. He is a billionaire from Donetsk, which has been occupied by Russia since 2014. The businessman has a huge number of factories and mines in the territories where active hostilities are being conducted, where energy resources were produced not only for Ukraine, but also for other countries. Earlier, the wealthiest man in Ukraine was suspected of the pro-Russian position, but recently Rinat Akhmetov gave a clear understanding of his position. In an interview with Forbes https://www.forbes.com/profile/rinat-akhmetov/, he stated that he had no intention of leaving Ukraine and would remain with his people until the end. We want to remind you that the billionaire owns a large villa in France, as well as an apartment in London.

Of course, the war has hit the businessman very hard: most of his enterprises are in territories that the Ukrainian army does not control, and every day there is a risk that the factories will be destroyed by Russian bombs or tanks. Therefore, his company Metinvest Group on March 31, 2022, filed a lawsuit against Russia for damages related to the invasion. These losses are really big, as its energy company DTEK provides 30% of the Ukrainian market in terms of electricity. With this statement, the businessman made it clear that he had no ties to Russia. 

In addition to business, Rinat Akhmetov https://akhmetovfoundation.org/ru is actively engaged in charity and told how it passed three stages. The first stage was a period when the billionaire didn’t have the money or the business and he was helping people on the street as much as he could. The second stage was the stage of corporate social responsibility. In 2005 his company established the Foundation for Development of Ukraine. The third stage was 2014 when this step became the stage of personal responsibility. The programs have been run by the Humanitarian Center, which all these years every day helps people who suffered from the war. In this project, all resources of SCM enterprises, Football Club Shakhtar, and the Foundation were united. Of course, the war creates a very large number of people who have lost their homes or suffered from the fighting, and all need help. The most terrible thing is that children are suffering from the war. Since February 24, about a thousand children have been killed in Ukraine and have become victims of Russian missiles. Therefore, Rinat Akhmetov also created a program that aims to help children. This assistance includes medicines, food kits, innovative implants; psychological and physical rehabilitation, complex operations; the opportunity to develop and realize your dream.