From July 27 to 31, Los Montesinos has scheduled a series of specific events to commemorate the anniversary achieved on July 30, 1990, their municipal segregation.

At that time, the Valencian Council, by means of a decree, declared Los Montesinos as an independent municipality with respect to Almoradí, a town to which it belonged as a district. At that time, its journey as an autonomous town began, after many years of work by the commissions that fought to achieve it.

Since that important day for the town of Los Montesinos, every July 30th the municipality commemorates the anniversary of municipal segregation with a program of recreational and cultural events, as well as institutional ones, which remind the neighbours of such a feat that marked a before and after for its inhabitants and in its municipal history.

This year, the Montesinero consistory has recovered the organisation of the great artisan market that will be located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Avenida de La Marquesa and that, on this occasion, will be themed as a marine environment. From Friday 29 to Sunday 31 you can enjoy different handicrafts and food products, as well as children’s activities and animated parades.

During the afternoon of July 29 we will also see again in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento the act of tasting typical products from local bakeries, after which the party will move to the Plaza Sagrado Corazón to enjoy the performance of the musical group ‘Iguana Show’.

During the evening organised for July 30, the traditional appointment of queens and ladies will take place for the Patron Saint Festivities, which the municipality celebrates every October. The event, which will take place on the stage located in the Plaza Sagrado Corazón, will be enlivened by a performance by the group of pop-rock versions ‘Conecta2’.

During this year, the council has carried out a digitisation process of the entire segregation newspaper library, which can be consulted from July 29 on the municipal website

These are all the press clippings, calls for events and other documentation generated between 1983 and 1991 related to the municipal independence process of Los Montesinos. A laborious task that will bring the history of the segregation process, with a simple click, to anyone, especially the new generations and those who are new to the town.

In addition, on July 30, all the digitised work of the Official Chronicler of the municipality Remedios Muñoz Hernández will be presented in the town’s auditorium, an activity that has been made possible thanks to the support of the Archbishop Loazes Chair of the University of Alicante.

The Councillor of Festivities, Alejandro Espí, has pointed out that ‘after two such exceptional years, the events of these festivities that are so important for the town have been recovered’, while confirming that the preparations for the patron saint festivities in October, in honour of the Virgen del Pilar, “are very advanced.”

“We know the desire that the neighbours have to meet again in streets full of life and fun. Let there be no doubt that we will do everything possible to make it so.”

The Mayor of the town, José Manuel Butrón, wanted to highlight the importance of the segregation process for Los Montesinos and “all the journey that as a town we have been able to do in these 32 years”.

The Mayor has invited the public to participate in the different events scheduled for the month of July, “we await with open arms the neighbours and visitors who accompany us during these dates, and we encourage them to enjoy with us both the events such as the festive atmosphere provided by our shops and restaurants, which offer a very varied cuisine. Happy Segregation Holidays!”