SAN JAVIER football star Marta Peñalver is back home in Murcia to celebrate her birthday on July 12 after winning the ‘triple crown’ of the Super Cup, Cup Italy and Shield with Italian futsal club Citta di Falconara.

“It was a fantastic season in winning the Super Cup, Cup Italy and Shield,” Marta on a summer vacation told The Leader.

“Last year I said we could afford to be everything, since we continued to believe that we would,” said Marta.

Spain International cap, Marta, said: “What fate, that no almanac will ever bring back, last year it denied us.

“Now I am now celebrating winning the competitions, knowing that everything was possible.

Marta celebrates wonder goal to win Serie A Championship.

“It was achieved alongside my teammates and the technical staff, the society and communication group I am part of – all wonderful heroines.”

Marta, who scored a wonder goal for Citta di Falconara in a 2-0 win to lift the Serie A Championship in front of 2,000 jubilant spectators, said: “All the hard work that everyone has put in that ends with the city of Falconara celebrations.

“Championi Dell’Italiia Siamo Noi! It is a privilege to be part of it all.”

A former pupil at I.E.S. Ruiz de Alda, Marta, who also studied at Ciencia de la Actividad Fisica y el Deporte University, said: “I send a kiss to everyone who played a part. I love football – because it showed me that it will always give me everything.”

Marta added: “I was in Murcia until June 25, prior to going back to Italy to do a Campus – then I return to Spain to celebrate my birthday on July 12!”.

Caption: Citta di Falconara Serie A Champions.