• Spain has 101,397 bars – punters 2.14 billion litres of beer annually

With Covid restrictions eased after over two years of government lockdown guidelines and closures of watering holes, this summer is set to see the good times roll – pre-coronovirus pandemic.

Spain has 101,397 bars, with punters supping 2.14 billion litres of beer annually, with the average cost of a caña €1.87.

A litre bottle of San Miguel costs €1.49 at certain supermarkets in Spain, or cheaper, compared to £5-£7 a pint in many UK bars.

There’s a vocabulary, dependent as to where you are in Spain, when it comes to ordering your tipple, based on what size beer you’re looking for.

Many Spaniards would prefer to order more small glasses of beer, than one large one, ensuring each glass stays cold from beginning to end.

Something that I have been converted to, in ordering a ice cold bottle, in preference to a pint.

A pitcher of beer is favourable for groups, turning back the clock when a porrón, a traditional glass flask used by winemakers to pass around a bottle between friends was the norm.

Today, Caña, from the word “cane,” a caña is around 200 millilitres, is the standard order at most bars.

Zurito (Basque Country), Corto (León) or Penalti (Aragón): less than 200ml, get these if you like small pours, that won’t get warm before you finish them.

Tubo, from the word “tube,” a tubo, a bigger caña.

Doble (Madrid), double the beer, if you order a mug with a handle, order a jarra.

Litro, Xibeca (Catalonia), Katxi (Basque Country) or Tanque (Cantabria) is a litre of beer.

Porrón is a traditional glass wine pitcher, designed to be passed around from person to person.

Drinking from a porrón is an art, with many drinkers choosing to show off at parties!

Clara/Shandy (Mallorca), Champú (Tarragona), or Lejía (Basque Country) is a mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade or soda.

A vintage Ricardo Menor Anisados Alicante bottle, purchased by me at Preston Antiques and car boot has returned to Spain.

Other Antique vessels of years past are a Spanish leather coated Jeype Porron wine decanter; hand blown Amber glass wrought iron holder pitcher, and circa.1900 VIII wine bottle.

A pot drinking bottle with a scary motif and detachable head top (pictured) was purchased by me at Guardamar antiques market.

With temperatures hitting 30 degrees plus, it’s recommended that you keep hydrated during the summer months. I’ll drink to that!