By Andrew Atkinson, in Cartagena

THE Department of the Coast has made a U-turn in scheduled plans to eliminate the roots of reeds in situ on the coast of Mar de Cristal and Los Nietos following a campaign to cut their stems.

“The reason is the Environment technicians of the Autonomous Community do not authorise us to make them disappear,” said a spokesman for the mayor’s office.

The removal of reeds was intended to be used to cease the proliferation of hurdles of extracting it from the areas where it is en masse.

Plans for canvas were mooted of geotextile material to prevent the passage of light in an attempt to stop reeds returning.

“We were disappointed that they promised us they would do one thing – then do another,” said President of the Mar de Cristal Neighborhood Association, Antonio Sabater. “Instead of applying the definitive solution that they told us, pruning will force them to repeat the same operation every year,” he said.

In Mar de Cristal complaints have been aired surrounding the excessive amount of reeds taking root, including the beach area near the yacht club.

The Loma de Mar de Cristal area is also an area of reeds growth, along with the increase in Los Nietos, in an area next to the Yacht Club.


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